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My Brush with an unlikely Guru

I have a friend.

Well, I have several…so let me start again.

I have this friend.

Ok…that’s not exactly right either.

There is this woman, who I had heard about for a year before I met. She is a friend of Sondra’s. I saw her in pictures all over the world rubbing elbows with the likes of Cee Lo, Ludacris, Jane Fonda and most recently Sir Richard Branson. She’s always in a group of well clad, beautiful people smiling like the Cheshire cat. I always look at Sondra and say…That Sona is just plain LIVIN.

We laugh at her antics and we smile at her pictures and I wonder to myself….how in the hell is she doing all that?

Last week we were looking at a facebook post of hers and I told Sondra….I need to sit with Sona, and get me some of that good stuff. That girl is livin, and I want to do it too!!

It wasn’t three days later that Sona called Sondra to invite us to have  dinner with she and her beautiful partner to discuss some work.

I quietly shouted “hooray”.

I had met and talked with Sona’s partner about a year ago, but never really had talked with Sona. We met at a couple of events and had some fun reparte’ but never really chatted for longer than a couple of minutes.

I was grateful to get the chance to sit with these two fabulous woman who are so dedicated to one another’s success and personal growth.

So, to make a really long story less long….I did finally ask Sona….how she did it. ” How do these fabulous opportunities come to you so easily?” I asked.

I was expecting  a long story of hard work or maybe an ego filled statement of knowing the right people or having the right amount of expendable cash. Instead I got a sincere, simple and honest answer that surprised me and yet made all the sense in the world.

” I never turn down an opportunity. One opportunity always leads to another opportunity. I may never get the chance to do that again, I shouldn’t turn down the chance.”

That simple statement rang a bell akin  to the size of the ones at Notre Dame for me.

How many opportunities have I passed up? Plenty boys and girls….plenty.

If God, the Universe, or what ever you want to call it…gives you an opportunity, it is a gift. That chance wouldn’t be placed in your lap if you didn’t need or deserve it. That opportunity might be an answered prayer, or lead you to an opportunity that leads you to your answered prayer, or hope or wish or intention.

Sona plays by the rules of the Universe …and she gets to go the Grammy’s while she’s doing it.

She doesn’t question if she should. She doesn’t question her worth. She doesn’t question her ability to get it done. She does it because she has been given it to do by someone who knows better than she does. She never questions. She only follows the directions. It’s working out pretty well for her too.

She is doing it. Sona is just livin’

I swear I am going to get a tshirt that says “Livin Like Sona”

You all will know what it means. 🙂

Today I am grateful to  God or the Universe…..God is the Universe to me…anyway

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to talk with Sona and her lovely grounding wire, Debbie.

I lovingly will accept any and all opportunities that I am provided without question…well, except for Dunkin Donuts drive through…..

I am not going to question my worth or my desire or my time schedule. I am not going to turn my back to the plan. I am just going to start doing it according to a plan that is not of my design. I will be grateful for it.

Perhaps someday someone will look at their other half and say….”that Susan Rushing is just livin.”

If I hear about it, I will make that love monkey a t-shirt!

Take it as it comes…good and bad….love yourself through it

and don’t forget to shake your behind.

Smooch Out!


About Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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  1. Great advice…from four women who are living it!


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